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Recent Published Essays and Editorials by Rick Brusca

El Universal, based in Mexico City, was founded in 1916 to cover the end of the Mexican Revolution and the creation of the new Mexican constitution.  Today it is Mexico’s largest newspaper, with a print circulation over 300,000 readers, and a website that has more than 16 million unique visitors monthly (with 140 million page views).  Mexico News Daily is Mexico’s premier English-Language newspaper.

7 June 2021:  Welcome to Mexico, Madam Vice President, now Bear the Following in Mind (Mexico News Daily).  Bienvenida, vicepresidenta Kamala Harris (El Universal)

18 November 2021: Can AMLO, Biden and Trudeau Get Back to Important Trilateral Business? (Mexico News Daily).  ¿El Regreso de los Tres Amigos? (El Universal)

10 February 2022: Here's how Arizona's plan to sate its thirst will harm the Gulf of California (Mexico News Daily).  Desalinizando al Mar de Cortés (El Universal).   Desalinating the Sea of Cortez is the wrong Path (AZ Daily Star).

4 August 2022: The Water Buffalo in the Room (AZ Daily Star, online version).  

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